Statues Around Funchal, Madeira


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The sculpture is meant to commemorate the many workers who lost their lives building the early tunnels and in the construction of the many “levadas” in Madeira.

Sculpture just outside of Santa Catarina Park in Funchal, Madeira.
“Sisi” the longest reigning Empress of Austria (44 years) championed individual identity and independence and was a free spirit who traveled the world and wrote poetry. She spent a lot of time in Madeira trying to escape the stress of life at court. She made a very good choice.
Mermaid statue along the marina in Funchal, Madeira with her arms spread to how show immense the sea is.
The statue “Paz E Liberdade” celebrating peace was conceived in 1988 by Manuela Aranha.
Statue of Peace and Liberty

I agree, Madeira is the place God kissed the world after creating it.

Moira G Gallaga©

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