© Moira G. Gallaga

Home Office

Hello Friends and welcome to the Diplobugs blog. Its been a while, hasn’t it? I can hardly believe it’s been a whole 7 years since we were last here. As you know, I started this a little over a decade ago during a time of inner personal transition. A point in my life where I sought to rediscover my creative side, to not only bring it to the fore but to also give it a voice. This blog is my own space online, an outlet for my creative expression and a journal. 

Through this site I share and express my thoughts, feelings, opinions and insights related to my passions and broad range of interests. It is also a chronicle of adventures, travel and experiences, relayed through a variety of means: poetry, prose, essays, images, and articles.  

Following a hiatus, this site has been rebooted to reflect the growth, changes and new content that have accumulated since the start of this blog. I am thankful for the support I once received from all of you, and I hope we can now take things from where we left off.

So back to normal programming. Feel free to browse around and enjoy!

22 April 2021

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