To My Friends

© Moira Garcia Gallaga

This is an ode

to all my friends

you know who you are…

To those of you

who shared the days

of dance and prance

when we were young, vibrant,

full of life’s energy,

laughing at some absurdity

behind innocence’s veil…

I thank you!

To those of you

who took the brunt

for my mistakes,

even protected me

with word and deed…

I thank you!

To those of you

who oil my mental faculties

with rational debates,

heated perhaps,

but never in hate…

I thank you.

True friend is someone who cares about you so much even at the risk of that friendship in order to tell you the truth that needs to be heard. ©moiragallaga

For those of you

who cooked a dish

or made some exotic meals

enticed my culinary senses,

in such an endearing, nurturing way,

I will always think of you

when I’m reminded of those delights…

I thank you!

To those of you

who stuck with me,

fellow-traveled up the hills

then down into valleys deep,

you taught me;

‘friends are our gurus in life”

and through your love I’ve learnt

that I am worthy to be a friend…

I thank you!

Ocean Dreams

© Moira Garcia Gallaga

Sand, soft beneath my feet

Shades of the living, blue-green ocean

Intense as the summer heat.

Seabirds soaring in the sky

Sun catching their wings in graceful flight

The ocean hears their cry.

Shells shimmer in the sand

Smooth as the ocean softly cleansed them

Gently soothing in my hand.

The undersea realm fascinates me no end, but night diving is purely on another higher level.

Sun sinking to the sea

Shades of scarlet painting sky and beach

Crimson ocean sings to me.

Sleep, soothing sound in ears

Driftwood floats the waters of my mind

Dream, the ocean always hears.