Her Dreams of Travel Surpasses Everyone

© Moira G. Gallaga

Her dreams of travel surpassed our own

Talking of adventures in the north, as kids

Laughing and boasting and drinking until day

And bringing her to her knees in laughter

It was Verona she longed for

My birthday lunch, camping at the Sahara Desert

In the darkest nights she drove, breaking the speed limit

Longing for the wind in her hair

Down to the harbour, where the boats would leave

And she watched them fade away in tears

Waiting for another place

North African meal for my birthday lunch

She would walk for miles down the highway

With a flashlight and a backpack

Looking for the little boy she called her man

Who’d promised her everything

Her spirit skimming along the shadows and the tarmac roads

Imperator Furiosa leading the way to freedom © (Quad Biking in Morocco)

And dreaming in her bed she’d see great pyramids

Under an endless red-orange evening sky

European towers and the river on a cool night

Desert villages filled with spices

Waking up with the window wide and a beating heart.

My travel spoon collection representing all the travels I made. This is not complete, as I only started when I was in college and there are countries without travel spoons as part of their souvenir items. ©

24 April 2021

Soccer – Spiritual Activity

© Moira G. Gallaga

Soccer is a game that evokes a lot of passion, for its legions of followers (that includes me) it is more than just a game but also a part of culture and to certain degrees, a way of life. There’s nothing like watching a game live where the people are very passionate about the game and their teams. That’s why when I found myself in the following countries – Madrid (3x), Sevilla (2007), Russia (1997), Portugal (2007), Switzerland (2007), Germany (2000), Rome, Singapore (1993), Argentina (1999), Chile (2000, 2004), Mexico (1997, 2002, 2004), World Cup 2002 in Japan, etc. I took the opportunity to squeeze in time for a live soccer match to enjoy high quality soccer and revel in the spectacle and pleasantly intoxicating atmosphere of the stadium. So here’s a modest expression of my feelings about the world’s most beautiful game:

It is not just a game;

It is an expression of life.

It is sweat, pain, struggle, and suffering;

It is grace, unity of effort, creativity, and beauty.

It is triumph and it is defeat.

It is community and family.

It is sadness and it is joy.

It brings out the best, shining and aglow;

It sometimes brings out the worst, violent and cruel.

For all our differences, our varieties, and incompatibilities,

It brings us all together,

One heaving, chanting mass of humanity,

Celebrating life, celebrating artistry in motion,

Celebrating soccer football.

Heart rate data from a male Aston Villa fan during the first and, as a Villa fan, rather torturous, half of the game at Villa Park against Newcastle United in 2008. Study conducted by Social Issues Research Center (SIRC) based in Oxford, UK.
Percentage agreement concerning comparison between football and religion. The most religious in this sense are the Portuguese fans, followed by the Belgians and Norwegians. Study Conducted by Social Issues Research Center (SIRC) in Oxford, UK.

Live match at Estadio da Luz, Portugal
Live match at Estadio da Luz, Lisboa

13 August 2011

The Blue

A homage on the occasion of World Ocean Day. Millions of years ago life sprang out of the oceans, let us do all that we can to make sure that the oceans continue to live and we along with it. Save Our Seas!

The Blue
© Moira G. Gallaga

Scuba diving at El Nido Resorts, Palawan during the visit of Filam Hollywood celebrities Lou Diamond Phillips and Tia Carere

A child bobs and weaves in the swell of the powerfully gentle ocean.
The spray wets his face and the smell fills his senses.
Peace, tranquillity, beauty – this is my favourite memory.
Mother Earth’s blue blood wraps her shores in mighty oceans and beautiful seas,
Bringing life
and sustenance
and travel
and trade
and security
and serenity to all who walk her lands.
A complex web of life untangles effortlessly in a grand design surpassing any human mind.
Ancient pioneers sailed her endless seas to find distant lands,
They lived
and thrived
and learned
and developed
and respected the genius of her biodiversity.
A mutually beneficial symbiosis respected a grand design surpassing any human mind.
Then we grew and grew and forgot what we knew
and fished and ate
and pillaged the oceans which asphyxiate
as our devastation began to accelerate
and generation by generation we underestimate
the slow inexorable truth of how we untangle a grand design surpassing any human mind.
Sustainable fishing, educated waste management, respect for her trade routes, cleaning her shores, fighting endless carbon emissions and global warming, respect for the delicate balance of marine life… grand ideas surpassing any human mind?
A child bobs and weaves in the swell of the powerfully gentle ocean.
The spray wets his face and the smell fills his senses.
Peace, tranquillity, beauty – is this is an extinct memory?
No! No! No! Run through the streets and shout it from rooftops!
For a new generation is born!
Mother Earth is forgiving and loving and able to regenerate,
She smiles as a new generation spreads the word…
A simple word
And action
And respect
And love
And a global effort that will breathe new life into our mighty oceans and revive a complex web of life that untangles effortlessly in a grand design surpassing any human mind.

Every day is World Ocean Day.©