Like a Garden after a Rain

© Moira G. Gallaga

In life there can be terrible showers

High winds and drama can shake you

Like leaves are taken and twisted by the wind.

These high disasters can make life barren

Like a patch of garden that never sees the sun.

Washington Sycip Park, Legazpi Village

But there are roots even in the bare ground,

Potential flowers just waiting for the day

When they can spring up into life again.

And like a garden, after the bad storms

There will be new shoots springing up all around

Filling the garden and making it beautiful.

Washington Sycip Park, Legazpi Village

Like a garden after rain you must blossom

From the challenges offered by the storm.

Bow your head against the wind but

Keep strong and upright even in the worst.

Spread your petals to receive the water

And take it in to nourish your blooms.

Washington Sycip Park, Legazpi Village

Without the rain the garden would be dry

Nothing would grow within its bounds,

And like a garden you can take the cold

The downpours and the storms life holds.

And like a garden after rain you can recover

Push through your blooms and rise above the ground.

12 May 2021

Failure is a Blessing in Disguise

© Moira G. Gallaga

In life, we experience a lot of failure and disappointments. May it be major, like not getting into a job that we really like or a little less complicated like not having the food that we crave for. It varies in intensity, but just the same, we get disappointed when we fail.

But in life, we should not place the focus on our failure or disappointments. We focus on our abilities to stand up and move on. Yes, it is easier said than done but once we believe what we say, eventually we get to make it real. Hence, when we say- “I can do this. I’m better than this and I can move on and believe in it,” eventually and without knowing it, we had already done it.

Failure will always be a part of our lives. No matter how careful we are not to fail or not to be disappointed, we can’t avoid it. Life is not enjoyed by how close to perfection we’ve lived, but how we face our failures and how we learn to accept it and be a better person after it.

They say we only get to appreciate the good things that are happening to us when we get to experience the bad or even the worst things in life. A friend of mine applied for a job as a barista. He wanted it real bad but then he failed to pass the interview. He was devastated. He didn’t want to apply for other jobs anymore for he thought he was a failure. Eventually, he got his act together and started to apply for jobs again. He was interviewed in a well-known restaurant and he passed.

From Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore, he’s now at The Ritz-Carlton and he’s happy with it. He told me once, if it wasn’t for that failure he had on his first interview he will not get to work with this five star hotel, get to meet cool people like me (Hehehe! His words, not mine), and have the opportunities, which he values so much now. He learned a thing or two from that experience.

When something in your life failed, it doesn’t mean that will be the trend of your life. More importantly, failure does not define who you are, as long as you stand up from it and keep moving on. It’s just part of our journey in this crazy but wonderful life. It is simply just being human and you learn to be stronger every step of the way. With that, I can say failure is an occasion that will teach us about ourselves. It is a test and may be a blessing in disguise. We may see it as a reason of stress at first, but after we get passed it, we realize that it’s a reason for us to appreciate a life that we sometimes take for granted.   

29 April 2021  

Trust Life a Little Bit

© Moira G. Gallaga

Most of us have had at least one bad experience, which often has the result of making us somehow mistrust life and assume that things are not going to work out. However, the past cannot be changed, and we should learn to put it behind us. As is often said, everything happens for a reason. Our lives are not perfect, and all of us will experience bad times and problems at some point, and these are an inevitable part of life and cannot be avoided. 

We all have to trust life a little bit, in order to make the most of life and those opportunities that come our way. In addition to seizing opportunities, we have to learn how to take risks, so that our full potential is realized. Trust in God, remain focused and work as hard as we can, things should generally work out and we can consider ourselves blessed. In addition, we can also share our blessings with one another as that is a way we help each other trust life a little bit more.

Allow random opportunities because it pushes us into unexpected and sometimes startling moments. ©
Allow random opportunities because it pushes us into unexpected and sometimes startling moments. ©

27 April 2021