Freedom of Information: When will it pass?

© Moira Garcia Gallaga

On Saturday, 12 June, I came across this opinion piece on the Philippine Daily Inquirer calling for the Freedom of Information bill to be passed. It caught my attention because about a decade ago I was writing on the same subject myself and calling for its passage into law. I think it is time once more to start clamoring for its passage. The issues and the relevance of this bill remain the same.

A Lower House bill for FOI was passed in the Philippines in 2008, but the counterpart bill needed in the Senate to make it into a law is still pending. In 2009, the bill failed ratification because the House of Representatives lacked the required quorum.

My article on the subject dated 29 September 2011 titled: “Diplo-pinion: Breaking the Cycle of Corruption in the Philippines (Freedom of Information)”

14 June 2021